Here's an example of a print that was framed after initial mounting.  Originally this watercolor was mounted in its natural state chosen to enhance the color of the wall. After framing, the print became a stunning masterpiece adding more vibrancy to the room. 

We chose this canvas to pick up the colors in our bedroom.   The bedding went along with our cottage color schemes and framiing the watercolor added more drama to the room.  The framing also added an additional 8" to the width and 8" to the height making the overall dimensions 44" wide and 32" high.

Because of the detail in our prints, I am often asked if they come from photographs.  The answer is that they are inspired by our photos which are used as a template but painted using a proprietary process that allows for artistic licence in producing the watercolor.  In that way I am able to design and color the impressions of what I see.   Here are two examples of watercolors I produced from the original photographs.  My goal is to translate the feeling I have for nature and beauty into my artwork that will strike an emotion when viewing it.  

Here's another idea to fill in and add color to an otherwise empty space above an entertainment center.  An easel was added to display this watercolor making it a part of the entertainment consul rather than the wall.

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    Watercolor Prints

Similarly, the gallery wrapped canvas on the wall went well with the knotty pine paneling.  The colors of this canvas along with its play on light,  picked up the reds and browns of the furniture.  Although the canvas is large ( 24" by 36") we added a frame inorder to cover more wall space.

Our watercolor prints are not just for indoor use.  Here we have a larger canvas mounted to an outside wall of our back porch.  Our canvases are laminated not only to add vibrancy but to protect the image from fingerprints, smudges, and moisture.  We do however bring the canvas inside for the winter.

Any space can be accented to compliment wall color and furnishings to fill in empty spaces for more interest to the room.